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1. All clients are obliged to read and accept the rules and regulations of the Fitness Klub Multifit which are available in the reception and on our website

2. Fitness Klub Multifit offers mainly exercises containing physical recreation (gym, aerobics, Pilates, yoga, others), as well as sauna, tanning bed, etc..

3. In order to attend the Fitness Klub Multifit it is necessary to have a valid entrance card.

4. Entrance cards belong to one person and cannot be used by other people.

5. Customers who attend the Fitness Klub Multifit declare that they have no health contraindications to take up physical exercises and participate in classes on their own responsibility.

6. People with health problems should consult the decision to take up the classes with the doctor before attending the classes and they should bring a medical certificate.

7. Participants must wear clean sports clothes as well as casual trainers (it is allowed to attend barefoot Pilates / yoga classes). Clients who do not comply with this regulation may be kindly asked to leave the club despite the validity of the card.

8. Fitness Klub Multifit is not responsible for the things left in our complex (in the cloakrooms, lockers and other places in our building).

9. It is forbidden to leave any belongings in lockers in locker rooms after leaving our premises.

10. Our employees will not admit people who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants.

11. Drinking alcohol beverages or smoking at our premises is absolutely forbidden; moreover it is not allowed to bring water in glass bottles to the area of the gym.

12. For our clients' safety they should not chew gum during the training session.

13. The gym membership (doesn't apply to the memberships for aerobics, Pilates, yoga, etc.), can be frozen for at least 7 days on condition that the fact is notified to the reception prior to freezing the membership and the card remains there.

14. If one cannot participate in determined aerobic, Pilates, or yoga classes, classes can be attended on a different day/hour, during the validity of the entrance card, provided that there is enough free place for exercising.

15. Booking and payment for the aerobics classes for the following month ought to be made till 26th of the current month. Also, till 26th of current month priority booking have people who attend those classes, after that date other willing people will be booked.

16. The aerobics / Pilates / joga membership card is valid from the 1st till the last day of the current month.

17. In case of resignation the charges are not given back.

18. Anyone who loses the card or the key for the locker is obliged to cover their cost of 10 PLN.

19. Underage clients can use the gym after the parent's or guardian's written agreement.

20. Clients under 15 can use the gym machines only with the assistance of an adult guardian or an instructor.

21. All devices available in the Fitness Klub Multifit should be operated in accordance with their usage.

22. Members of the gym are obliged to read the operating instruction of the machines or ask the Multifit staff before using them; to avoid injuries, warm-up should be done before the main workout.

23. Multifit instructors are obliged to show the proper use of machines as well as to provide information about proper techniques when working out.

24. Before exercising, it is necessary to check the state of the equipment. It is forbidden to do exercises on out-of-order devices; any problems with the equipment should be reported to the Multifit staff.

25. Higher load workouts should be done in the presence of a another person (a spotter).

26. After the training, the area and appliances should be cleaned (it is obligatory to wipe out the sweat from devices as they will be used by other clients). After use clients should be put barbells, dumbbells, plates, etc. back in place.

27. Fitness Klub Multifit is not responsible for the injuries resulted from the improper usage of devices or in case the rules and regulations are not observed.

28. Fitness Klub Multifit is closed on some Public Holidays.

29. Any complaints should be reported to the staff of the Fitness Klub Multifit or directly to the owner.

30. Once a month each Fitness Klub Multifit member is entitled to invite three friends free of charge under condition that none of them has used Fitness Klub Multifit facility before.

31. A person who damages any device in the gym is financially responsible for this damage.

32. Fitness Klub Multifit is secured by a monitoring system.

33. It is obligatory to obey trainers' remarks and advices.

34. Members who disturb the public peace and disobey the rules and regulations shall be removed from our premises.

35. Fitness Klub Multifit reserves the right to change its rules and regulations. Information will be enclosed on . The purchase of the card after the date of the new rules publication shall be regarded as the acceptance of new regulations.

36. All clients are obliged to give their permission for the processing of personal data that is essential for registration purposes.